Burrito Surf Cabo, Cancun

Burrito Surf, Burrito Shop

Burrito Surf, Burrito Shop 1895

Giant Cali-style burritos, tacos, quesadillas, salads and more are on the menu at this casual eatery. Fresh ingredients, cold beer, inexpensive treats and friendly service make this newcomer on the Cabo dining scene an easy hit.

Phone # 624-143-0098

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Sunset Da Mona Lisa Restaurant Cabo San Lucas

Sunset Da Mona Lisa - Restaurant

If you were to imagine the perfect romantic setting, what would it include? Panoramic sunsets over majestic oceans might be one element. A bottle of fine wine and some gourmet Italian food would definitely enhance the setting. Perhaps a seafood dish made from the catch of the day? Take all of these elements and combine them with the ambiance that comes only in a tropical paradise like Cabo San Lucas, and you have Sunset da Mona Lisa Restaurant.

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Sunset Mona Lisa